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Visor || Burnout Aqua

Visor || Burnout Aqua


Precious Cargo Twisty Visors™ have a unique NO HEADACHE BAND which allows you to wear them all day without any discomfort.

The Mini Peak Visor is the smallest of our visors with an 8cm peak.  This visor has a slightly square front,  perfect for tennis players and women that want coverage without being intrusive!

The Regular Peak Visors has a 9.5cm peak with a 29cm diameter.  This visor is ideal for creating a fashionable look, not only does it provide great coverage over the face, it also protects the ears.

The Maxi Peak Visor has a 12cm peak with a 32cm diameter. This visor is ideal for anyone who wants full protection from the sun as it gives maximum coverage.

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